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If you really want to learn, how to do bonsai, the internet will teach you a lot. But it will never beat the teachings and instructions of hands on work. The best place to learn, is by joining a club.
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Here are questions very often asked
Q. How much is your bonsai.
A. A young tree of about 2 years old will start at R50. A reasonable tree, that you can give as a gift, from R200 in a ceramic pot. They more you spend the better the bonsai.

Q. Do you have stock.
A. We carry about 40 000 trees in different stages of development. The trees are suitable for the Midrand climate.

Q. What times are you open?
A. http://www.bonsaisa.co.za/index.htm

Q. Do you sell bonsai in bags?
A. Not bags, as they tend to fold, but plastic training pots.

Q. Can I bonsai a fever tree?
A. Yes, but they do not like the roots being disturbed and usually die. No we do not stock fever trees.

Q. Our bonsai is battling. Can we bring it in?
A. Yes, the advice is free. We can't raise the dead.

Q. Are you open on Public Holidays?
A. We usually are. We try and post this info to our website. http://www.bonsaisa.co.za/index.htm

Q. How must I cut the roots?
A. Very carefully, at the right time of year and for a reason.

Q. Can you bonsai a willow tree or a Jacaranda?
A. Their growth is too strong and dieback too much. Spend your time on something more rewarding.

Q. What is the best tree for a beginner?
A. A tree that can grow in your garden. These tree species have adapted to your climate.

Q. Can a tree live indoors?
A. No, not permanently. You starve them of UV and eventually they will die, just like fish and reptiles. Tropical trees have adapted the best for long periods indoors.

Q. How do you start a bonsai?
A. Speak to a professional or join a club. We specialise in bonsai only. Some sellers are just after you wallet contents. Ask them some of these questions and guage the answers. Ask them to spell BONSAI and see if it is spelt BONZAI.

Q. Do bonsai need water?
A. Yes. The biggest killer is lack or too little water. Water quantity is also species specific.

Q. Can any tree be used as bonsai?
A. Yes, but all trees do not make good bonsai. Stick to the tried and tested species.

Q. How do you prune a bonsai?
A. A complex answer. Depends on the bonsai style and species. Join a club. See below for a list.

Q. Do you have fruit trees?
A. Not all trees make good bonsai. Peach trees have big leaves as an example. All trees fruit and flower. Just some fruit is less interesting and poisonous.

Q. Where are you located?
A. 1.5km East from Olifantsfontein offramp. We are on Olifantsfontein Rd, at the first STOP street.

Q. What soil do I use?
A. there are many recipes for soil. Perhaps ask the seller to show you some of their trees growing in the soil sold.

Q. Do you offer courses?
A. No. There is a list of links at the bottom of this page for clubs. Join a club in your area, to get cost effective, hands on expeience.

Q. How old does a bonsai live?
A. Potentially, more years than you have on earth. I have seen bonsai passed down to the 9th generation.

Q. I was given a tree a present. What now?
A. If it is unwanted, plant the tree in your garden or pass it on to someone who will look after it. If you want to start the hobby...welcome to a world of questions and rewards from Mother Nature.


We are a Bonsai Nursery, based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. We import pots, tools and accessories directly, enabling us to give the lowest prices. We grow and style our own trees, species suitable to the High Veld environmental conditions. We supply and consult to bonsai clubs and growers, chain stores, corporates, nurseries, conference organisers, promotional gift companies and individuals. Orders from 1 to 500 can be accommodated.
Mikibu Bonsai