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Saturday 8am - 1pm.
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Mikibu Bonsai
Mikibu Bonsai is a Wholesale Bonsai Nursery, with a retail outlet, based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. We import pots, tools and accessories directly, enabling us to give the lowest prices. We grow grow and style our own trees, species suitable to the High Veld environmental conditions. We supply and consult to bonsai clubs and growers, chain stores, corporates, nurseries, conference organisers, promotional gift companies and individuals. Orders from 1 to 500 can be accommodated.

30 March 2019: Pretoria-Open day
29 June 2019: AGM and New Talent
31 August 2019: Shibui - Top 10
24 October- 27 October 2019: ABC 5 Convention
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If you really want to learn, how to do bonsai, the internet will teach you a lot. But it will never beat the teachings and instructions of hands on work. The best place to learn, is by joining a club.
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