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Paper Flower by Jonathan Cain
Bougainvilla are flowering climbers bearing curved spines in alternate leaf axils with which they cling to any support available. The woody main stem grows up to
15  meters  tall.  Blooms  gather  at  the  tips  of  the  branches. The  real  flowers are insignificant  but  are  enclosed  in  showy  corolla-like  bracts  which  constitute  the decorative    value    of    the    plant.
Bougainvillea flower continuously from spring to autumn in warm-hot regions.   As   bonsai,   the   flowers should be removed when they fade to encourage a second blooming period and discourage pests. Style pruning is done at the end of winter. Bougainvillea shoot readily on old wood therefore do not be afraid to re-shape when  necessary. All  small secondary branches must be removed in any case to encourage new twigs and profuse flowering.
The twigs and branches are very brittle  and  snap  easily.  However, they heal very easily once cracked.
During the winter months the plant should be kept on the dry side but must be watered copiously as soon as the buds start swelling and when the plant is in bloom. This will not only prevent wilting but will prolong the life of a flush of flowers by at least a fortnight.
Bougainvilleas love a sunny, hot location. They will survive reasonably cold nights but have little resistance against icy winds. Fertilizing should consist of inorganic feeds to encourage flowering even further.
Propagation is by means of cuttings and layering. Cuttings 15 cm long and about 0,5 cm in diameter strike quickly in pure, clean, sharp sand. The new plants are potted up in training containers when the leaves no longer look tender.
Bougainvillea are best grown in the formal and informal, semi-cascade and cascade styles and are best trained through clip and grow method AND tourneque


by Jonathan Cain

We are a Bonsai Nursery, based in Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa. We import pots, tools and accessories directly, enabling us to give the lowest prices. We grow and style our own trees, species suitable to the High Veld environmental conditions. We supply and consult to bonsai clubs and growers, corporates, nurseries, weddings, promotional gift companies and individuals.